• Kotegaeshi by Nasser

    Here is a demonstration of how to apply technique and preserve the physical integrity of the partner. Work is applied on center rather than on joins.

    Nasser applying Kotegaeshi
  • Morihei Ueshiba

    Morihei Ueshiba was the founder of Aikido.
    1883 – 1969

  • Kenjutsu

    Aikido is based on sword movements.
    A lot of forms are therefore inspired by kenjutsu which is the Japanese swordmanship.

    kenjutsu slider


To apply technique the notion of distance is essential. It is also important to stay safe.


The power and capacity to move come from posture. It also reflect a state of mind that can be called martial.


Getting closer to the danger is sometimes the safest option. that's why we do Irimi (入り身?). It is the act of entering straight into a technique.

The meaning behind Hakama

The 7 folds of the hakama (5 in the front, 2 in...

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